November 3, 2006


So here is Albert Einstein, one of the world's smartest men, without a helmet - eek!


Anonymous said...

So you think you know better than one of the world's smartest men?

You might want to do a little bit of research. Helmet compulsion has been a reality in Australia for the last fifteen years. The death rate from cycling in that time has not decreased, if anything it's increased.

Helmets do not save lives. Not getting hit by a car, that saves lives.

Anonymous said...

Death is not the only measured variable to assess helmet safety. Odds of surviving car bike accident are low with or without a helmet, but come on they've gotta help some. Non fatal head injuries are reduced with helmet use. These accident however are under reported unless you wind up in an ER. If your helmet is smashed but you feel okay and get up and walk away, your're probably not going to notify anyone...but this happens all the time. YOUR point is well taken, but don't finish your though there.