October 16, 2006

Throw-back to the 80's

It seems like the 80's had everything going for it - including being in the know about wearing helmets. Look how attractive and confident they are in their helmets!


Maria Mayzel said...


Thanks for organizing this AWESOME campaign. As someone who not only bikes everywhere in DC, but has many friends who do the same...I want to say thanks for your hard work on the part of bicyclists everywhere.


Anonymous said...

i love the idea for your campaign. you should buckle up for the pic on your profile though.

tgbtgbtg said...

someone gave me one of your stickers last sat night (i had a blue helmet and balloons).

But i just wanted to say thanks. I think what you are doing is great.
I was in a helmetless crash about 4 months ago and knocked my head hard enough that i still won't be able to get back on a bike anytime soon, and have a pretty good idea of how important what you are doing is.

So good luck with everything I hope everything goes great.

thanks again