October 12, 2009

Hundreds gather to honor couple killled in cycling accident

Photo Source: Tom Reel, San Antonio Express News.

BOERNE, Texas -- Hundreds of people came together to remember a San Antonio a husband and wife who were killed while riding a bicycle built for two.

About 300 cyclists wore black and bicycle-shaped pins Tuesday night in honor of Greg and Alex Bruehler. The unique tribute included a church service and a bike ride.

"They're just a caring couple with a wonderful daughter who, unfortunately, doesn't have a mom and daddy anymore," said family friend.

The couple's little girl, 7-year-old Kylie Bruehler, stood outside the church while the cyclists formed an honor guard.

The people who took part in the memorial ride said they are not only mourning the couple's loss, they are also trying to raise awareness about cycling safety on the roads.

Story from WOAI.com


kevin said...

I'm sure your heart is in the right place, but this is exploitation at its worst. You should consider removing this post.

Tommy said...

how do you figure this to be exploitation?

Anonymous said...

How Tragic, the little girl is in my prayers. Good driver education is needed badly.

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