March 12, 2009

In the News!!

What do cyclists have against helmets?

The cover story in this week's Washington, DC CityPaper seeks to answer this question!Journalist Tanya Snyder's article is all about helmets. She gave The Safety is Sexy Campaign a shout out, along with a lot of great helmet stories.

Let us know what you think! Read it in the CityPaper here.


Camilla the Hun said...

I remember this article and shudder each time I see a fellow biker not wearing a helmet. Really I think they must be just dumb. I don't think I would EVER go out w/ someone who didn't wear a helmet and certainly I would NEVER let someone I knew get away with it for long and remain my friend. SRSLY. Don't risk your life people to be fashionable. You are NOT, and it will cost you. So ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

@ Camilla

It saddens me to hear helmet 'believers' placing so much faith in helmets saving lives. They DON'T. You have been massively and dangerously oversold on the protective benefits of what is effectively a highly fragile polystyrene hat.