January 15, 2009

A note from the Big Apple

A recent e-mail from Morgan of NYC:
Tuesday morning I was riding my bike eastbound on 46th st when a jaywalker coming towards me decides to do the dear in the headlights dance and in trying to avoid him I went down fast and hard. Fortunately my hip took the brunt of the fall but my helmet took the rest causing it to crack through 2 foam vents. Had it not been for the helmet I'd be dead and after posting to a board I'm on telling people to buy a helmet a friend suggested I post here:+) So wear a helmet and be safe and sexy!


Anonymous said...


Proper cycling technique can be sexy also. You really should slow down when riding in "mixed" zones. Reckless cycling is not sexy.

mikey2gorgeous said...

If your helmet cracked it almost certainly didn't absorb much energy - it failed. They are not designed to crack - but to squash. Try talking to someone in helmet research who has to provide expert testimony in legal cases who understands helmets before you blog about how the world should wear one.