May 19, 2008

Cinelli Classic Leather Helmets

Walking along the waterfront in Washington, DC, The Safety is Sexy Campaign ran into a fellow sporting a Cinelli Classic leather helmet (a hairnet helmet). These are designed and handmade by Adrea Cinelli and have been used by professional riders for decades (although we hesitate to say how much damage control they provide, any stories out there?)

Description from one website:
Cool, light and exceptionally comfortable. Soft Danish leather interior, washable patent leather exterior. Padded rim and ribs, full leather strap and chromed buckle. Not as protective as a hard shell helmet and not race legal in the US.

Thoughts, readers?


gwadzilla said...

only the shot in the distance came out

such is the way of shooting on the fly

Anonymous said...

They call em hairnets because all they are good for is keeping your hair from getting ripped out they don't do much in the way of impact which is why they are not up to cpsc and uci/usac muster

sandrobianchi said...

please, where can i buy this item??