May 29, 2008

B:C:Clettes are at it again!

Check out this awesome video by the ladies of B:C:Clettes, an "all lady, bike inspired, street-performance collective."


brent said...

incredibly excellent. come to my town!

Adriel said...

In the video is a bumper sticker that says "I wear a helmet so you can drive like an idiot"

Please DO NOT encourage this belief. Helmets do little if any to save a cyclist in most car-bike accidents, they are mostly useful when a bike hits a stick or a rock in the road. If a cyclist feels safer wearing a helmet, they will probably null and void any benefit derived from the helmet. And if a car feels that the cyclist is protected from his 2 ton death machine because of a half pound of styrofoam. I would feel safer not wearing it at all.

I am much more concerned about getting hit by someone "Driving like an idiot" than a solo accident.

You know what is REALLY sexy? not driving like an idiot.

Driving cars slowly, and with the ability to stop for people and animals that may be in the roadway. Lets put a lot of effort there, and then we can start worrying about whether or not people wear helmets.