May 31, 2007

Nogin Sox: Helping to make helmet wearing more fun!

The Luna Chicks from the Inter Bike Show in Las Vegas

From the Nogin Sox website:

Nogin Sox is a simple idea that makes perfect sense - old or young, they make wearing a protective helmet fun! Nogin Sox are a creative new series of soft-foam helmet covers that easily attach to your protective helmet with Velcro patches. Nogin Sox are currently available in six models, including include the Spiked Mohawk, Screamin' Frog, T-Rex, Nail Head, Lady Bug and the Human Brain. Several of the models are lighted versions; the T-Rex's eyes and teeth glare, the Human Brain's synapses flash in sequence, Lady Bug's LEDs light her flight, and the lighted Spiked Mohawk has four different sequences to choose from. The lights not only provide additional fun, but also afford the wearer added visibility for nighttime use.

Spiked Mohawk

Lady Bug


C said...

These balloon helmets are pretty sweet too!

Anonymous said...

A less family friendly version...

Anonymous said...

A less family friendly version: