April 13, 2009

Death sparks helmet debate on the slopes

Actress Natasha Richardson's recent death, due to an epidural hematoma after a skiing accident, has reopened the helmet debate for winter sports.

The tragic death on Wednesday of actress Natasha Richardson, following what a first appeared to be a minor fall while skiing, has sparked a debate on whether it should be mandatory for skiers and snowboarders to wear safety helmets. According to a BBC report, there has been a sharp increase in the number of skiers and snowboarders wearing helmets after several high profile skiing accidents this year - Medical News Today

Read these articles surrounding the topic through the Chicago Tribune and The Guardian.


Anonymous said...

This site sucks. Stop fearmongering and check out some facts about helmets and bikes FFS. http://www.cyclehelmets.org/

Anonymous said...

Skiing is a bourgeois sport that only interests dullards, but as far as cycling goes, helmets are a concession of defeat. Rather than fight so streets accommodate people on bikes, we have resigned ourselves to ride wearing armor, a needless accessory for anyone who has ridden a bike for a more than a week. Plus there is something distasteful about marketing safety with with tits and ass. Yet another expression of "feminism is dead" is too pervasive and boring. In fact a head wound is comparatively more erotic than wearing a mass-marketed piece of plastic on one's skull; the emphasis is obviously on comparatively.