April 21, 2009

Riding Pretty

We just discovered the Riding Pretty website, an online store offering stylish bicycle helmet covers! Founder Shelly S. says her helmet covers are "sustainable, handmade, 'slow fashion' designs". Check out the Riding Pretty blog, where you can write Shelly to request a custom design!

Custom design by Riding Pretty


RidingPretty said...

Thanks so much for the shout out!

gwadzilla said...

you definitely need this video on your page!


or embed it from YOUTUBE


and of course... thank me with credit to my blog


Anonymous said...

Safety IS sexy, but helmets are absolutely unnecessary for safety on a bicycle for the vast, vast majority of casual cyclists. Safety comes as a result of intelligent defensive riding technique, the use of a mirror, connection of the feet to the pedals, the wearing of eye protection, and the riding of properly sized and maintained bikes.

Helmets help minimize the occurance of concussions, but only in a very small range of hits. Falls form a bike at running speeds do not justify a helmet. Helmets do nothing to prevent a broken neck.

Wear a helmet if you want, but realize it's just a fad, promoted by those making and selling them, and those looking for a magic pill that will keep them safe. It won't. Riding intelligently will.