July 22, 2008

Hey. Your house is on fire.

Bike accident victim urges UF students to wear helmets, read here.
According to [David] Sutton, bicyclists hospitalized with head injuries are 20 times more likely to die than those without, and wearing a helmet reduces your risk of head injury by 85 percent.

...the No. 1 reason why most people don’t wear helmets is that they don’t think it’s cool. “That’s 100 percent it,” Sutton said. “It’s like wearing a tie; people think they look dorky.”

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Casey said...

Hey thanks for posting this. We handed out some of your stickers at the event. I had a slide with a picture of your t-shirt on it ("I look sexier in a helmet) and it drew laughs from this young (born in 1990) crowd of college freshmen. We are hoping to do this presentation as part of the freshmen orientation where we are bound to get a huge crowd.