July 28, 2008

Any cheap helmet programs out there (besides Portland)?

The Legacy Emanuel Hospital's Trauma Nurses Talk Tough program runs Bicycle Helmet Sales throughout the year in Protland, Oregon, where you can purchase and have professionally fitted, a new bicycle helmet for a mere $5 donation. Helmets of all sizes (from toddlers to adults) are available and will be fitted to each person. Kids can bring in their own helmets for correct fitting and adjustment. Bicycle and pedestrian lights also are available.

One just occured in July, but you can find out about future events where they will be having their $5 helmet program on their website here.

Any other programs accross the States like this?


Tim said...

At the University of Texas at Austin, you can get a helmet for $10 through the university health service. I think it's open to anyone, but I'm not sure.

Tim said...

The police departments in SW Michigan frequent carnivals and community events and give hundreds of helmets away for free!

I've done "airbrush tattoos" for one children's event in Holland, MI and seen them handing them out all night long!

Grace and Peace,

JamiMaria said...

In Spokane Washington the Kiwanis club does a "paint-a-helmet" event where they give free helmets to kids (and do fittings) and then let them decorate the helmets.

I had volunteered with them several years, but I'm not sure if they still do it.

dfong74 said...

At the Kaiser Medical Center in Oakland,
CA, their Health Education Center sells bike helmets for kids and adults at a low price.

cheaphelmet said...

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