January 7, 2008

The queue starts here

We're up to our neck in sticker requests but out of stickers! (for now)

Just to let you know, we've ran out of stickers, but no worries, we've just ordered 3,000 more! Unfortunately, for the next three (3) weeks there will be a delay in sending out requested stickers.

But don't stop the requests coming in! We'll still be processing and preparing your packages - and we'll be sure to send them out as soon as we can.

Thanks for your patience!

The Safety is Sexy Campaign


Scotty said...

Hey guys - Thanks for the holiday card. You'll be happy to know I got a nice, sexy snowboarding helmet for Christmas.

And thanks for reading my blog too :)

PS - Send stickers...they're going everywhere.

Marrock said...

Shouldn't that be queue instead of cue?

xSmurf said...

@ Scotty, snow boarding helmets are the best for winter cycling :D I got myself one too... not only does it hold (and fit) my goggles, it also keeps my head warm ^-^