January 2, 2008

13 year old girl dies while skiing with no helmet

The poor girl wasn't wearing a helmet. She lost control at the bottom and slid into the wall. We believe the helmet would have helped with the injuries.
Although The Safety is Sexy Campaign is geared towards an adult audience, this is a somber reminder to make sure your children are protected during outdoor activities in the next couple of winter months - especially during skiing and snowboarding. Read the article here

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anabananasplit said...

I think putting it like that is a bit far off. Maybe with a helmet she wouldn't have died. Maybe she would have lived a bit more and died anyway... Or maybe she could have lived and be permanantely brain damaged, living a vegetable life and drowning her family in a heavy burden of dependency and sorrow. That's like way better, right?...

«this is a somber reminder to make sure your children are protected during outdoor activities» Yes, teach your children to be careful, make sure they don't engage in activities not suited for their age or abilities. That was what went wrong in this case. Wearing a helmet doesn't do nothing about accidents happening in the first place (actually, they might even increase their frequency), they just offer a possibility of damage control in case you DO have an accident. The focus should be on the accident itself and not on the gear to prevent damage AFTER it happens. Of course we can act on both fronts, but I feel like there's usually an unbalance, with public awareness and public entities focusing on the prevention of damages rather than prevention of accidents.

Good blog subject, anyway. ;-)