December 14, 2007

Call for Submissions

Helllllo Artists!

The Safety is Sexy Campaign wants to feature YOUR art! We are looking for artists to create work based on the phrase "You'd look hotter in a helmet." (An example is the illustration that Jason Polan did for this blog back in February)

So here's the deal:

1. Get inspired by helmets! Ohhh yeah...

2. Make some art!

3. E-mail an image of the original artwork to

4. We'll post it on the blog. In addition, at your request, we can post your contact info, bio, website, etc., so people visiting the blog can contact you directly if they like your work!

5. Based on the feedback, The Safety is Sexy Campaign would like to buy some or all of the works created. We'll contact you at that point and you can name your price!

6. And we'll send you a bunch of stickers, of course. Just remember to forward your snail mail address.

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