August 1, 2007

Helmets that saved a head.

Meet Kathy Schubert. The Safety is Sexy Campaign met her and her dog, Joey, on the road in Iowa. In 2000, she produced an exhibit to demonstrate the fact that helmets do work. As well, Kathy has been collecting "helmets save heads" stories and posts them on her website at Helmets Save Heads and here. This is one of my favorite stories from the bunch, sent in from T.G. O'Rourke of Chicago:

I was riding through the alley near my house, watching for ice. Since it was dark I didn't see the low hanging cable TV wire which was diagonal across my path. The cable slid across my face and mouth eventually "clotheslining" me, knocking me flat on my back and causing me to smack my head. I saw that horrible flash of light.

Thing is I was only going for a quick errand and I almost didn't wear the helmet...

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